Mr Chileshe

KABWE was established as a town in the early 1990s and was elevated to municipal status in the year 1954, together with cities such as Kitwe and Ndola.

Today, Kabwe has a population of over 208,000 as at 2010 Census of Population and Housing.

The Mayor of Kabwe Mr Chileshe said that there was some degree of stagnation for when the mines in Kabwe closed in the 1990s however, he has reassured that the economy of Kabwe is currently on the upswing.

The mission statement of Kabwe municipal council is to create opportunities for all the people of Kabwe (and surrounding areas) through rendering efficient and effective municipal and public services.

It is in the spirit of service delivery that the municipality has set out the following key action points of how they will deliver to people’s expectations:

1. The mayor stated that his management team will build a strong institution of the council to ensure that the set goals and objectives are met. This will include securing the right professional and technical staff.

2. The municipality is promoting Puplic Private Partnerships (PPP). A case in point is the promotion of building of housing estates with both local and foreign partners. This has been given priority to ensure that Kabwe builds neighbourhoods befitting the status of a city.

It is also worth mentioning here, that Kabwe is the home of Makululu the second largest Shanty compound in Africa.

Plans are underway to have Makululu mapped on to one title deed. The regulariation excersise will include proper replanning of drainage and water systems.

Mr Chileshe said there will be an option for illegal settlers to pay penalties where land is incumberance free for them to assume ownership.

3. The council is engaged in serious Financial re-engineering and debt restructuring exercise with high level collaboration with stakeholders.

So far, majority of the debt owed to retirees has been cleared and staff debt liquidation is at the centre of the Kabwe Municipal Council’s overall strategy.

Another impressive milestone made by the Kabwe Municipality is the liquidation of statutory debt with institutions such as ZRA, NAPSA, LASF and Workers Compensation Find.

The mayor confirmed that the council is currently discussing a possible debt swap with NAPSA where land (which NAPSA is in need of) will be swapped to clear off the statutory debt owed by the council.

4. Financial mobilisation and cost reduction through the means used to collect revenue from rates is another priority that will help the council in infrastructure development.

5. In a bid to create a platform for the re-establishment of Kabwe’s industrial base, Land alienation is a priority.

This will be achieved through investments in the Multi-Facility Economic Zones (MFEZ) with emphasis on value addition on agricultural products.

6. The mayor and the council management are working round the clock to ensure that the council works on:
(i) a strategic plan that clearly defines the roadmap for institutional growth.
(ii) an Integrated Development Plan (IDP) to properly guide the growth of the town in line with the vision of building a propesrous, healthy and sustainable city where citizens shall enjoy a high standard of living.

8. Citizen empowerment through land ownership is key on the agenda. The mayor reminded the residents of Kabwe that Land acquisition through the local authority is more affordable and less cumbersome

He said that the regularisation of plots will continue and he will ensure that all citizens purchasing land get title deeds for their properties.

9. The council will also revise the valuation roll of Kabwe to capture as many properties as possible, there by increasing the tax base.


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