Geremi Njitap learns he is not the biological father of his children and files for divorce

Geremi Njitap: cuckolded by his wife, the Cameroonian victim of mockery

After having divorced, for having been cheated on and mistreated by his wife, the former Cameroonian international Geremi Njitap became the subject of mockery on the web.

Former Cameroonian player Geremi Njitap has been going through a delicate situation in his married life for a while. He indeed discovered that his wife was cuckolding him with his ex. And the irony in this matter is that he would not be the biological father of her three children. Which therefore pushed him to file for divorce.

In this delicate situation, Geremi Njitap did not only receive messages of support. There are also others who take advantage of this ordeal to make fun of him. According to his detractors, he is a victim of his own karma. And for good reason, he had abandoned his first wife, to the detriment of the latter, who is the daughter of a rich man.

Moreover, they accuse Samuel Eto'o's former teammate of being greedy. An old statement from the latter resurfaced on social media, where he indicated that he was not the type to reach out to others like the former captain of the Indomitable Lions. “ I don't want people to bother me anymore. I am not a Samaritan like Samuel Eto'o. He is him and I am me. I didn't suffer for years to save the whole world. My own family even complains about me, but I don't care. Only God will judge me and not humans. You give, you don't give, you never gave “, he said.

He continued by wondering: “ What's the point ? I always told Eto'o one day they will make fun of you. The Bible predicted everything for me Njitap I remain the same. My money is mine if I hadn't played football who would be willing to help me? I don't buy sympathy. You won't hear that I made a dizzying donation to anyone. Many believe that I do not live in Cameroon, I prefer to lock myself in my home. My gate is always closed even my security guard doesn't have the food at my house, his salary is enough “.