Garry Nkombo Has Asked “KA SMALL MULE” To Refund HH His U$ 250,000

WE AGREE with Garry Nkombo, this fake Big Mule is a conman and thief. He lied and promised HH that if adopted on UPND ticket in Lukashya, he will bring the Bemba vote to us.

Imagine, U$250,000 cash was paid to this political conman as his fee for us to win him from PF. Garry Nkombo has convinced HH that since Lukashya results have proven that we are dealing with KA SMALL MULE, the money must be refunded and paid back to our leader.

We equally demand and support the refund. We denounce this conman called KA SMALL MULE and we must expel him out of UPND immediately back to PF before he openly defects.

Batoka Bulls

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