By Marvin Chanda Mberi

We wish to strongly condemn the violence perpetuated against Government workers who are on their tour of duty in the issuance of NRCs.

We also wish to commend the supporters of the ruling Patriotic Front for not acting in a violent manner against the Government workers who are there to serve the nation.

The Government workers have made immense sacrifices for the purpose of our convenient needs our support and utmost convenient.

The recent alleged attacks on the officers from the Department of National Registration, Passport and Citizenship (DNRPC) led by detained opposition figure Patrick Mucheleka has more security concerns than political concerns.

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has defied the directive against importing of cadres and they end up raiding the innocent and non- political actors who were on their tour of duty.

Clearly, a careful scrutiny of one video of the cadres confessing the theft of Government equipment, one can tell that they are not from Bemba speaking regions but were transported to go and cause confusion.

From the outset, the UPND has been issuing inflammatory remarks and they have been inciting their excitable supporters to revolt under a disguise of monitoring the issuance of NRCs.

All that was meant to undermine the legitimate process.

While the process of issuing the NRC is not a partisan issue, we can urge the Ministry of Home Affairs to heighten security measures to thwart the criminal acts that are committed under the veil of partisanship.

We are concerned with the safety of DNRPC officers when they start implementing the phase which will cover Southern Province. If the environment will not be conducive, the exercise must be cancelled for the preservation of the security of the officers and the nation at large.

Wealso take cognizance that the mobile issuance of documents of National identity is a continuous process. This means in an event the exercise is cancelled in some regions for security reasons, the residents can still visit the nearest registration center within their districts.

With regard to the suspects that are currently in custody, we urge the police to professionally do their work and ensure that suspects accounts for their acts.

Gone are the days when offences are concealed under the pretext of not appearing to be targeting political opponents.

The same way the law is taking its course on one of the suspended PF youth official who got in trouble with the law is the same way the law should take its course in the instant case.

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