ZESCO Limited is is proposing to increase electricity tariffs across board.
Below are some changes.

• Fixed charge of K18.23 to be scrapped off👍🏿
• Life-line tariff to be halfed from 200units to 100units
• Life-line Tariff increase by 213% from 15n to 47n
• Tariff band introduction in 101-300kWh range of 85n
• Tariff band above 301kWh proposed 118% increase from 89n to K1.94

Impact on your bill (Including tax):

Currently if you are consuming 400units/month

• First 200 units cost K58 (inclusive of taxes and fixed charge)
• Bal 200 units cost K213
• Total cost of consumption K271

Proposed Hike Cost:

• First 100units K18
• Next 300units K305
• Bal 100units K232
• Total cost of consumption K555

The effective increase in tariffs for such level of consumption is 105%

SOURCE: Kasaninge Energy


  1. Zesco should be serious with what they are doing. The above tariff increases are too high foŕ an average Zambian to afford. Let them not take their customers foŕ granted just because they are a monopoly. Their current tariffs are already too high foŕ us and have just been running for less than two years. What an increase in a very short time after the last increase. Please Zesco come down. People don’t have enough kwacha to spend on such exorbitant tariffs.


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