Minister of Mines Richard MUSUKWA says the Board of Directors for ZCCM-IH has fired the company’s CEO, Pius KASOLO.

Mr MUSUKWA announced the dismissal of Dr. Kasolo during a media briefing at State house this morning. The Minister did not avail more details as to why the Board has dismissed Dr. KASOLO.

However Dr KASOLO at a media briefing held in Lusaka this week said the 2019 planned mining taxes would impact negatively on ZCCM-IH which holds shares on behalf of the government in the mining companies and would affect investments and production of the mines, hence the need to resolve issues to avoid impact effect on dividends paid to the holding company.

His comment was then condemned by But the Economics Association of Zambia Chapter on the Copperbelt province through its chairperson Mathews MUYEMBE who questioned the motive behind Dr KASOLO’s statement because government was already engaging the respective foreign mines and positive strides were being made to achieve a mutually beneficial consensus.

He termed as unfortunate and ill timed, sentiments attributed Dr. KASOLO towards the new mining tax regime that government has proposed with a view to maximize returns for the Zambian people.



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