Zambians had no kind words for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on Monday 7th October following his bitter post and lacklustre attitude towards condemning violence instigated by his cadres in Kaoma which left one UPND member dead.

In typical Hichilema style, the now unpopular leader was taken to the cleaners by his followers on Facebook for not showing leadership by taking responsibility for his member’s actions in Kaoma. Hichilema was further roasted for disrespecting President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as head of state.

Lukama Mubita Simboma commented; “Mr. Hichilema, you are a national leader and we expect you to provide guidance and wisdom in these trying times as opposed to pointing fingers. Instead of taking responsibility and comforting the families of the bereaved, you are stirring the cup of an already sensitive and emotional people. You even go further to reminding us of those that we lost in the past. Imagine if this post were the speech you are giving at the graveside, would you be providing any comfort to the mourners? We expect better from you.”

Awisi Click Mwanza wrote “And I quote ” Edgar lungu who claims to be president is quite. It then tells us to say this extrajudicial killings have the blessings of state councel Edgar lungu. I see refusing and accepting. Okay that aside. In this speach I see no peace but influencing the violence. I’ve head ecl denouncing violence but I’ve never heard you doing the same. If you can show this now that you are in opposition, what will happen if you become president. That’s why I like Chilufya Tayali because he calls a spade a spade.”

Liz M Botha said “A one sided report this is cheap even for you ba HH.the UPND cader was accidentally shot by a fellow cadet and then you went ahead and shot 8 PF caders.”

Goddie Kuveya added “I’m very much disappointment with with you Mr HH and the UPND political party. You need to take responsibility than always doing the blame game. Always advise your cadres to restrain even under provocation. A wrong cannot be resolved by a wrong.”

John Simwaka stated “So u have forgotten about mapatizya, this is y I can’t trust u coz u are so desperate, the police have said that its your cadres who were shooting people in kaoma,they even recovered a pistol and some bullet,instead of u condemning what happened, and calling on disarming of political cadres including yours, but are busy blaming and shielding the perpetuaters of the vice. Can u be serious at once and take full responsibility of what your cadres are doing including all political parties, we have only one Zambia, during the 2016 after u lost it was your cadres who displaced people in namwala, but we never saw u condemning other than keeping quiet.”

We urge Mr Hichilema to convene a national caucus and stem this unacceptable behavior by his cadres and further desist from endorsing violence in his party which has continued to rob Zambia of vibrant youth.
Anderson Mazoka left a peaceful UPND. What has gone wrong from 2005 to date in upnd under HH? Why are innocent youths being sacrificed just for one man’s selfish ambition?
Enlighten us Mr Hichilema.

The Patriotic Front Party under the stewardship of H.E Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of thw Republic of Zambia strongly condemns the acts of violence witnessed in Kaoma on Sunday 6th of October 2019 and is confident that Police will handle the matter professionally and bring all perpetrators to justice.

Issued By:
Kay Musonda
PF Media Committee
Party Headquarters



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