GOOD LIFE STUDIOS Express is a local state of the art media and music management company, has officially launched AfriTunes, an online music billing platform.
The Pay Per Download service is a billing platform that has been developed by Crystaline Technologies Ltd to allow music sites to charge for Music Content Downloads.

Afritunes has already signed up about 85 per cent of Zambian artistes who include XYZ Crew, Macky 2,Chef 187,Willz, Roberto, Dandy Krazy, KB and Whole K – Amy, Jae Cash, Kay Figo, Jay Rox, Shenky just to mention a few.

During the pilot launch held at Lusaka’s Mika Hotel on Wednesday, Good life CEO Shawn Kabemba said the online store was a way of curbing piracy a scourge that has seriously affected most artistes.

” The platform will provide established and New Music Websites with the ability to easily monetize their businesses while enabling Artists to earn a return for their talent. Since the advent of digital distribution of music, the music industry has been undergoing drastic changes,”.

“The sales of recorded music have substantially dropped, this is a conspicuous indicator that people are no longer interested in buying Music Tapes, CDs and DVDs while downloadable and live streaming have increased in their indispensable importance”.

The very heat of the gathering, Kabemba said, the aim of the project was to celebrate the brand finally coming to life, the love of home grown music and how well received it had been by the Zambians.

Kabemba also stressed that local music needs a boost to hit international frontiers.

“We feel that the Zambia Music Industry needs a major boost into the fore front of the African and world stages. The largest Music Distributor in Zambia is now digital.Goodlife Studio Express is aware of the Music talent that is based in Zambia and the number of successful artists that have carved successful careers and have continued to rely on Live Performance for the majority of their income, “said Kabemba
Since today’s music fans are becoming used to downloading music from online pirate sites, Kabemba said they had to simplify the user-experience for visitors to the AfriTunes. For instance, music buyers can pay through credit card or even using cellphone using talking, K3 reduction per click of download.

And Zambia Association of Musicians president Njoya Tembo who was Guest of Honour emphasised the need for musicians and their fans to change their mindsets if the country’s music industry was to be revived, noting ZAM has since made strides.

In attendance were site owners, Airtel and Zamtel Representatives, ZICTA representatives, ZAM President and all media organizations.


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