Zambia Doesn’t Need Jesus, But HH And Technology – Seer 1

Andrew Adjemudi who is popularly known as Seer1 has argued that Zambians who believe in President Edgar Lungu’s Christian values are foolish because Zambia doesn’t need Jesus Christ but Hakainde Hichilema.

According to Seer1, in 2021, the United Party for National Development [UPND] will win elections because his godfather who gives him what he terms supernatural power is more powerful than God.

Seer1 said that those who believe in Jesus will be shocked to learn that their prayers are useless.

The South African based Nigerian says he is focusing on mobilising for UPND and Mr. Hichilema because he shares strong belief with the main opposition leader in Zambia.

However, Seer1 has said that he will one day meet the UPND leader before the 2021 elections for the duo to consult each other on how to beat the PF.

He has declared that PF will lose elections even when Jesus is involved in their campaign because his spirits given to him by his personal godfather is on the side of UPND.

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