Harry Kalaba

I AM not going to resign from my position as Member of Parliament for Bahati, Harry Kalaba has declared.

Mr Kalaba said the people elected him to represent them and no one would force him to resign from the Patriotic Front on whose ticket he stood..

Mr Kalaba who was speaking on Hot FM Radio programme in Lusaka yesterday, said that people should learn to differentiate between government and a political party. He resigned from government minister and not as a member of the party.

“People should learn to differentiate that government and the party are two different entities, and what I left was government in totality not the party and I will not cow down to anyone telling me to step down from my position as Member of Parliament,” he said.

He alleged that the people of Bahati still wanted him to continue representing them in Parliament, as he consulted with them on the matter,

“I consulted with the people in my constituency and they told me that they still needed my services as their member of Parliament, I will not abandon them,” Mr Kalaba said.

He wondered why his resignation from government could be an issue when there were a lot of individuals in government but not members of PF.

“I might not have money and personal resources to give out but the people know that I have always been available for them and that is the reason they elected me to represent them,” he said

He also wondered why people would hold meetings to discredit him if he was not a factor with made up stories that people had rejected him in his constituency.

“All those meetings that were held in Luapula trying to de-campaign me were staged organised because I was in the province, they are now crying,” he said. Mr Kalaba said that the most important thing was not to talk about his resignation, but to provide solutions to the people of Zambia because that was why the party was voted for in the first place.

“Has talking about me brought hospitals, have we provided sources of income for our mothers to take their children to school, or have we provided grants and loans for our school levers, that is the politics we should be talking about not my resignation,” he said



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