Why Should Bemba’s Be Victimized For Voting For Their Own? Tonga’s Have Been Doing It


By Chibesa Kalandwe II BA(UNZA), Msc(Arizona)

Bemba’s and easterners are being victimized. By bemba’s, I refer to all the off shots of the Luba-Lunda dispersal in the Northern and Copperbelt provinces.

Why should we be condemned for telling our people to vote for one of their own tribesman? Tonga’s have been openly and brazenly voting for their own tribesmen with no shame for the last 22 years since the formation of the UPND. You have never condemned this practice.

But today when Bizwell Mutale and Prof. Luo state the facts, Tonga’s want to play victims. This is rubbish.

Tonga’s want Bemba’s to vote for HH on principle in the Northern Province but will reject Edgar Lungu and PF on tribal lines in Southern Province. On the Copperbelt, the UPND has a seat in Lufwanyama, but a Lamba can not have the slightest chance of winning on PF in Southern Province. This is nonsense.

In Luwingu, bemba’s voted for a UPND councilor, a bemba or easterner can never be voted for however in Southern province.

So why should it be a crime to tell our people to vote for a fellow bemba?

2 thoughts on “Why Should Bemba’s Be Victimized For Voting For Their Own? Tonga’s Have Been Doing It

  1. why lyonse mwatemenwa ukulumbula umubeba bushe mwalimonako president umubeba mu Zambia? nangu bushe ba lungu babenba awe nangu teba bemba awe bakuchipata, niba cousin besu, elyo ba inonge wina Niba cousin na naba tonga, so umutu ngalefwaya umwine kuti votela umutengo or uwakucipata cili kumwine ifyo alefwaya, tulibamobenefye bonse tuleufwanafye bane

  2. l will vote for ECL come 2021 not because lam bemba but because he is a hard working person who has a heart for the people not a rich man who is bitter and cannot form government shame on upnd.

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