By Chibesa Kalandwe II BA(UNZA), Msc(Arizona)

Bizwell Mutale has stated facts that we are all afraid to address. He was brave, forthright and hit the nail on the head.

But this businessman with his giraffe structured dark face has been misunderstood because of how he delivered his message.

Mutale’s views are not a reflection of the PF but he said the truth about the UPND nevertheless.

The UPND has historically structured itself to only appeal to the Southern vote. Zambians have never rejected HH because he is Tonga, they have denied him the shot at State House because of his earlier divisive tribal politics.

Bemba’s are being accused of being tribal today because of Bizwell Mutale but it is the same Bemba’s that recently gave UPND a local government seat in Luwingu.

Can Tonga’s even vote for PF in a ward in Southern province? Tonga’s want you to vote for HH in Northern Province on principle but they reject Edgar Lungu on tribe in Southern Province.

The historical fact is that Southerners tend to vote more on ethnic lines than any other Zambian tribal group. And that is what Bizwell Mutale in his poor delivery of his argument wanted to state.


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