Why Has Amos Chanda Truly Resigned? Social Media Gossip Is Not Worthy Of Your Time!

It’s evident that gossip can blur the line of what is and isn’t actual news. Just because people are talking about a certain topic or a certain person doesn’t mean that topic or person is actually newsworthy, even if those talking about it think it is.

Many people have been reduced into peddling social media untruths. I’ve also watched the latest atmosphere of constant and instant sharing, and the perceived value of the number of page views and post hits change what we call news.

In Zambian social media space, it seems to me that some news outlets have changed their goals from reporting important news to posting sensational political and “feel-good stories” in the hope of getting a lot of traffic. Some people have even changed to living on Facebook waiting to be the first to share the next big sensational item.

​I wish we put the same importance on truly understanding the state of our government as in the true mandate of institutions of governance or what’s going on in the healthcare sector as we do in the political arguments of our perceived opponents.

Media and journalists have changed their content to what they think their audience wants, sensationalism, instead of what they actually need, real news, because it translates to more website and page hits and more money for them.

This upsets me because I want to say I belong to a profession of integrity and civic duty but it doesn’t always feel like that. I can, however, proudly say that our page continues to deliver quality, factual and useful analyses and political commentaries. We hope to add a news section to it.

Choosing to rush to gossip pages with questionable editorial identify is for those who have chosen to live a lie. They constantly want to fill in the gap often created by scrupulous individuals motivated by selfish agendas.

I truly believe that you all must see preference for newsworthy items as part of your continuing education to stay up on what is going on in politics, religion, education, health, trade and more on a local, national and worldwide level.

Often times what all seems like talk, is in fact none of our business. At times it is some minimal drama that turns into a monster that it was never meant to be. Sometimes we need to put ourselves in people’s shoes and think about how we would feel if others were telling these false stories for us.

Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa
WhatsApp: +260 977 430702


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