Why Didn’t Chitambala Defend ECL On Parentage The Way He Is Defending Hakainde?



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IT is quiet interesting that Chitambala Mwewa – the so-called Simon Mwewa Lane – is so engrossed in justifying why no one should question the parentage of Hakainde Hichilema.

Not so long ago, President Edgar Lungu’s own identity and parentage was questioned by elements sponsored by Hakainde Hichilema and company. We did not see Chitambala defending Edgar the same way he is throwing his nose in issues he hardly understand.


We are here not to agree with anyone over one’s parentage but merely to point out the hypocrisy and dishonesty of Chitambala.


Edgar was dragged in mud and called all sorts of names – Jonathan Mutaware – by Hakainde’s dogs, but Chitambala did not jump off from his building Simoson to utter any word in defense of Edgar. Why?


Is Chitambala on the payroll to defend Hakainde over this issue or we should view his attempts as envy against those who, just like him, enjoy constitutional right to question the parentage of those aspiring to lead us?


We understand that Chitambala had the privilege of attending better schools in US where he was taught how to properly make pronunciations. We understand he is the master of English in Zambia but he holds no monopoly of truth and wisdom.


Just not so long ago, Chitamba was busy insulting the wife Ulbert Angel and discrediting her attire. If this man was God, perhaps no one would have seen heaven. He thinks he is the only one who is right and must dictate everyonee at anythingg. This is the problem with chaps that have got some importedd manners from the west. Ukui umfwa!


Let him not think he has any right whatsoever to correct people’s choices which are founded on freedom of speech as enshrined in the Constitution of Zambia. If Chitambala doesn’t want to listen or read about those questioning Hakainde’s parentage, let him avoid exposing himself from such persons.


At the height of this, we are tempted to agree with those whose notion say Chitambala is childish and is experiencing mid-life crisis. Yes, he is doing a very wonderful job of hosting lots of people whose talents need exposure, but let him stick to that, without pocking his nose into matters that are beyond his own qualifications and understanding.


We had Edgar insulted here. We had people questioning his legal profession and basically his own identity. How many of you out there defended Edgar in the manner that you’re defending Hakainde? Is Hakainde insulated from public scrutiny?


Hakainde is aspiring to lead this country. And before he even gets into state house, let him come out open and tell Zambians his parentage and who he really is. This shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do for anyone reasonable and genuine. For how long will Hakainde’s identity remain obscure?


Zambians want to know, how Hakainde conducted himself during privatization. Zambians want to understand the role which Hakainde played during a period through which we lost assets this country once owned.


Is it true that Hakainde, while working with foreigners duped Zambians by undervaluing the real costs of the mines which were being sold and went on to get a cut for himself of $13 million?


All these questions need answers and Hakainde is the only person who has the answers.


It is very difficult to understand why Chitambala has hired himself as a spokesperson of Hakainde in this issue. Can Chitambala tell us about all these things then?

3 thoughts on “Why Didn’t Chitambala Defend ECL On Parentage The Way He Is Defending Hakainde?

  1. This childish man has failed to improve his father’s business, all he does is play. He inherited something that he did not work for. No wonder he behaves the ways he does. Just looking at his character reveals a lot about his poor upbringing.

    I’ve absolutely zero respect for this man, and his FAKE accent!

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