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Not too long ago, while on Radio Mano in Kasama, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Henry Kanyanta Sosala urged his subjects to take their civic duty of voting serious ant take part in governance. He told the people that they should not shun voting but go voter in numbers in the same way their colleagues from Southern Province do.

In his talk, Chitimukulu did not mention which party his subjects should vote for. His intention was focused on the often low turnout of people during elections in Northern Province. And true, Northern Province’s voting turn out has been very poor in at least three consecutive elections in the past.

Clearly, there is nowhere where Chitimukulu said that his subjects should vote in numbers for Bembas only or any party that is run by a Bemba from that province. But this statement of the Bemba chief angered the demons of Hakainde Hichilema and his friends in UPND. To them, telling people in any province other than Southern, to turn out in numbers when voting is equivalent to perpetuating tribalism against them.

This is not so surprising. Tribalist have a tendency of seeing a reflection of who they are everywhere. To any normal and non-tribal person, Chief Chitimukulu’s words cannot be considered to be tribal. Hakainde and his friends in UPND are sensitive to such issues because for them, everything they do revolve around what is in for them and their tribemate.
Assuming Chitimukulu was asking Bembas to vote for their fellow Bembas. Who is this person? What is the party? It cannot be PF because the party is being run by an Easterner Edgar Lungu.

The sum truth is Hakainde and his friends in UPND only see tribe in everything that is being said or done by anyone.

What Chitimukulu said cannot be graded as tribalism. What hurt Hakainde and his friends in that tribal organization is the fact that, in reference, the Bemba used the Tongas IN Southern province who, often vote in numbers for their fellow Tongas in any election. For Hakainde, anyone who tells people in a non-Tonga province to register in huge numbers and vote in huge numbers is seen as attacking what Tongas often do. We all know that Tongas have a very bad tendency of voting only people whom they share tribe with. What Chishimba Kambwili sad, that Tongas would rather vote for a frog if it stood on UPND than any non-Tonga person standing on a different party is very true. Regardless that Chishimba is today in that unholy alliance with Hakainde, he knows deep down his heart that he is in a marriage of convenience with people who have no regard for any other tribe than theirs.

Therefore, there is no point for these tribalists to attack Chitimukulu for merely encouraging his subjects to emulate what Tongas do. If Hakainde is so concerned with tribalism, half if not all his people in his party wouldn’t be in positions they are. Further, he wouldn’t be bedmates with Chief Mukuni who has openly displayed hate for Bembas.

Hakainde has nevert taken time to tame tribalism. On his facbook, he is able to instruct his personal assistance to write a few words here and there against tribalism. But the true measure of whether he is a tribalist or not isn’t found in the words they publish to fool a few uninformed first time voters. The true measure is found in the character of someone.

Hakainde is today a UPND president because of the Tongaism that is embedded in UPND where, it is only a Tonga who can run that party. Hakainde has shared platforms with tribalists who have gone to Southern province and told their people that time for Tongas to rule has come. Hakainde is the leader of people who have not allowed anyone to occupy any significant position on the premise that they are not Tongas.

But one must not fail to understand why these tribalists are so upset with the Bemba Chief. The sum truth is, Hakainde and his tribemate know very well that while they themselves cannot vote for any other tribe in Southern Province , they equally cannot win any elections without the support the Bembas in 2021. They see Chitimukulu as a friend of the PF and Edgar. They treat him as a tool being used by Edgar to lure Bemba voters.

But what is true is, Chitimukulu is not stupid like Mukuni who is a surrogate being used by Hakainde to sustain Tongaisation of Southern Province. Chitimukulu is a responsible person whose behavior and actions are premised on morality. -Kwacha Times -KT


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