By Joze Manda

Those that live by the sword, shall die by the sward is a bible verse found in Mathews 26 Vs 52, simply meaning if you use violent, force, or underhanded methods against other people, you can expect those same methods to be used against you.

The tragic end of Timothy Hakuyu and his two compatriots, Gabriel Melenga and Charles Banda leaves more questioned unanswered.

Timothy Hakuyu

*Their mission to recruit 1600 militia youth in Southern Province disguised as an NGO brought their lives to a disastrous end when they were murdered using the same axes they were carrying in their car.*

They where also found in possession of face masks and syringes. This revelation brings a lot on the fore and clearly demonstrates how desperate some individual have become to usurp power using whatever means. The agenda to make Zambia ungovernable has now reached its peak and it is now clear to see all pieces of the puzzle coming together and where they lead.

The 2008 TRENDS report (Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing) on page 21 *captures two foreign individuals who entered our country, registered companies and bank accounts to channel through terrorism funding.* These comprised individuals have had in and out transections of over UDS5 million.

*Fast forward to our current situation, a Turkey terrorist by the name of Fethullah has allegedly been hired by HH to cause instability in Zambia ahead of 2021 elections,* the motive is to cause total instability and make the country ungovernable, setting it up for an illegal regime change.

According to a Turkish investigative journalist who released a paper detailing the trial of terrorist activities undertaken by Fethullah in African countries, Zambia is the latest to be hit by a spate of criminal activities which are set to put the country at risk and further damage the economy, this is the modus operandi of the Fethullah gang which HH has recruited and trained his trusted minions.

*According to sources at a Turkish online news platform, Fethullah paper trial indicate that over $5 million was delivered to a South African based ‘charity organization’ which was used as a distribution point of the cash to Zambia.*

Its is now clear without any doubt that some individuals have very serious and dangerous levels of desperation and they are prepared to do anything including murder and scarifying our citizens to acquire political power.

To try and understand where we are right now and to also ascertain the gravity of the dilemma we are faced with as a country, firstly we need to define Militia.

*A militia is generally an army or some other fighting organization of non-professional soldiers, citizens of a nation,* who can be called upon for military service during a time of need, as opposed to a professional force of regular, full-time military personnel.

In the last few months, Zambia has been hit by spurts of violence, gassing, a few ritual murders and suddenly a dangerous big wave of mob phycology incited murders of innocent suspects, but what does seem clear, is that there are patterns to the violence, and that the strings are being pulled somewhere by someone.

*It is now very clear that some opposition politicians are operating illegal and extremist militia groups who have sparked a spurts of terror countrywide, terrorizing innocent citizens with an intension of sparking an uprising against the PF government.*

*Who they are.* Like many domestic terrorism groups, militia extremists are anti-government. What sets them apart is that they’re often organized into paramilitary groups that follow a military-style rank hierarchy. They tend to stockpile illegal weapons and ammunition just like UPND has been doing in the past year or so.

*Who and what they target.* They usually go after the government itself—including law enforcement personnel, representatives of the courts, and other public officials, along with government buildings. Extremist will also target innocent citizens as is the current situation in Zambia.

*What they believe in.* Many militia extremists view themselves as protecting their tribal or cult leader as well as helping their leader ascend into position of political power. Their belief makes them very dangerous as they are prepared to use black magic or face death to achieve their objectives.

*Dr. Joze Manda is Political Analyst based in Lusaka.*


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