“If you were the President’s Political Advisor do you think Hakainde Hichilema would call you for breakfast in the morning? I had to be branded villain and this is their campaign”-Kaiza Zulu

Lusaka—-November 28th 2019

By Smart Eagles

After being maligned and mud slung by opposition media outfits especially on social media, Special Assistant to the President for Presidential Affaires Kaiza Zulu has defended himself against public ills reported against him.

Mr. Zulu who is usually media shy, broke his silence when he featured on Diamond TV’s COSTA Programme when he felt he had enough of lies levelled against him.

He observed that the opposition had teamed up against him because of how he and the ruling party have handled elections in the recent past.

He lamented that there was a sustained attempt by the opposition to dislodge the structures around the President as their get way to State House.

“When a strongman is standing and he has roots against him, to bring down such a man, you need to start targeting the roots, it is like a tree, when you cut a stem it grow because it is still feeding from the soil, but when you cut the roots then the tree would fall,” he lamented.

Mr. Zulu who has been at the centre of several accusations such as causing accidents, displacing people, brandishing guns, and calling the President boi (buddy), said he was being painted black because of how he had performed in the recent past, but added that he’d never be distracted.

“Sir if you were a political advisor for the President do you think Hakainde Hichilema would call you to for breakfast in the morning? I have to be labelled a villain and this is their campaign, but for me, my focus is never shaken, its to strategize and win an election,” he asked Costa Mwansa the host.

“When you manage an election sir, and its successful to your credit or to other people as a unit who would want to see you alive.?” He added.

He said that he will never rule out political attachment to all the allegations which have been levelled against him on grounds that he is a political aide and he has been working.

“Am attached to politics and therefore, I don’t rule out political attachment to each and every allegation that comes,” he stated.

Meanwhile the host reminded Mr. Zulu of other allegations that his former colleagues such as former Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has been circulating in Public such as him becoming big headed because of his proximity to power.

“We have seen Dr. Chishimba Kambwili accusing you of changing, accusing you of being corrupt with the power of money?” Quizzed Costa.

But Mr. Zulu expressed concern at how Mr. Kambwili all of a sudden started speaking ill of him after leaving government when he couldn’t do so when he was within.

“These are people who pick up phones and call to say ninchula (I have suffered) they only see the difference when they are outside,” he lamented.

And on accusations such as his recent accident with a school bus, Mr. Zulu has established that the driver whom he is accused of having beaten was not even on the scene when the accident happened. He said when he went to check on the children who were on the bus, the driver was not there, adding that he was even unlicensed.

But Mr. Mwansa insisted that Mr. Zulu had broken the drivers jaw.

”To start with, if I broke your jaw you can’t talk Costa …you can’t. The most significant part about that accident is that I found that the driver’s licence in the bus belonged to somebody else,” he reaffirmed.

Meanwhile, to cement his accusations on a named piece of land where he is alleged to have displaced people and burnt their property, Mr. Zulu adduced evidence inform of land titles which indicated that he was the real owner of the said land which is currently being fenced off by an encroacher.

He expressed sadness that in the ardent of Smart Phones no one has ever produced any video or pictorial evidence of all the accusations against him.

And in the recent Mast Newspaper Article where he is accused of refereeing to the President Edgar Lungu as boi (buddy), Mr. Zulu said he’d never disrespect the President in such a manner because he is the appointing authority.

“Never at one time would I disrespect the Presidency because he is my appointing authority and I don’t take my job for jokes One Person I could possibly call boi if he was President, that could be Chilufya Tayali because sometimes I refer to him as mwaice.” Mr. Zulu stated.


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