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FOR over a month now, this media has been reporting that there is a group within PF which is calling itself Luapula United and is manipulating the intraparty elections in a bid to install on party structures user friendly characters that the group intends to use at the next PF convention to put a preferred leader.

When we began running this information, a very good number of elements in PF sort to discredit Kwacha Times, calling us liars and accusing us of being sponsored to malign those we mentioned to be part of the Luapula United. Along with this revelation, we questioned the ability of PF secretary general Davis Mwila to grow the party, given that, according to our sources, he is the Chairman of the Cartel.

Davis has been attempting to manipulate intraparty elections not just in Lusaka but everywhere across the country- he has been persistently threatening party members with expulsions, but without tangible reasons given why he wants to hound from the party his friends. In Lusaka, Davis is busy doing all sorts of schemes trying to install Kennedy Kamba as Lusaka Province chairman, despite being rejected by everyone. We raised these issues and we went on to expose Kennedy’s greedy, corruption and brutality against fellow party members.

Today, Munir Zulu has come out very open and candid that Davis Mwila is not suitable to run the affairs of the party as SG. Munir’s expression over Davis’s failures and inefficiency is not in anyway laced with hate. He is simply being honest based on a very accurate and honest analysis of things from their rightful perspective.

Of course Davis has lamentably failed to do anything that builds the party. He is part of those who are busy dispersing individuals with divergent views on topical matters that is why; they have today decided to sponsor a horde of thugs from intercity to beat up Munir for saying things as they are. This is something we can’t say is unexpected from Davis. In 2017, Davis’s number one friend Kennedy Kamba did the same, by sponsoring thugs from intercity to beat up Thomas Ngoma, a PF Chawama member after he refused to be used an a useful idiot to undermine the leadership of the former Lusaka Province Chairman Horace Longwe.

This is the behavior of hooligans and this hooliganism is slowly being embedded in PF by Davis. Just listen to Kennedy- the other day he was busy saying if he is elected as Lusaka Province Chairman, he would cloud out the opposition in Lusaka. Is clouding the opposition the functionality of a chairman?

Without wasting anytime, we wish to state that if we had a partly 100 youths in PF who can candidly say the truth the way it is, without having to mask it with lies to please certain elements, the governing party would be better than it is today.

Munir is not economical with the truth. He is the only PF member so far to come out public about the existence of the Luapula United clique. While other idiots like Chanoda Frackson Ngwira have attempted to dispute the existence of a clique that is ganging up against Edgar honest people like Munir are here agreeing that indeed this group exist and is busy manipulating intraparty elections using corruptly acquired monies.

We don’t know Munir from anywhere but we have followed his politics. A Frank Talk, an honest person among many dishonest hyenas in PF who would rather lie to President Lungu that all is well yet the party is bleeding. We have a lot of pythons that unfortunately hold so much power within both the government and the party, busy lying to the President over the affairs of the party and the country. We honestly feel Munir should be somewhere in the leadership of the party, because if the PF are interested to grow in anyway, they need individuals who see things the way they are.

The likes of Davis and Kennedy Kamba can’t do anything significant to grow the party. Perhaps, that is why Munir says Davis Chama is greatly missed as secretary general. The PF grassroot members have reached a point where they cannot take it anymore. They are now chasing the entire secretary general from attending intraparty elections. This goes to show that Davis has failed to be the guide and light that he needs to be in the party. This is because Davis has preferences in the party whom he wants to ensure that they are elected into various posts. Davis is failing to hide the fact that he has his dirty fingers into these intraparty elections – he is busy moving about and lobbying support for Kennedy Kamba to be elected as Lusaka province chairman.

Our appeal is that Munir must not keep quiet; he must remain a frank talk and a voice of the many cowards in PF who can’t say things for unknown fear.



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