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We will only believe Dora and Chitalu Chilufya if they die, says Stephen Katuka

UPND Secretary General Mr. Stephen Katuka said that both Dora Siliya and Chitalu Chilufya are faking illness and that Zambians will only believe thst they tested positive for Coronavirus if they die.

Stephen who failed his grade 12 Exams 12 times said the PF have decided to use Dora and Chilufya as sacrificial lambs to make it look like there is Coronavirus in Zambia when initially the disease is neither here nor there.

Stephen said the PF is a bunch of hungry individuals who want to make individual fortune out of this ‘disguised’ World Pandemic.

According to Stephen there is no Coronavirus in Zambia and for him and other UPND Members to believe that there is COVID-19 in Zambia, then Dora and Chilufya should atleast die.

But this is not surprising coming from the UPND Secretary General.

We all know that UPND is fond of celebrating every calamity that befalls mother Zambia.
Just to take you back in case you forgot, the UPND Mouth piece Zambia Watchdog celebrated the death of the late Micheal Chilufya Sata.

When President Lungu had throat Cancer back in 2016, UPND’s Sylvia Masebo waa correctly quoted saying, “Edgar Lungu will die before the 2016 General Election.”

When City Market was gutted by unknown People, UPND’s Larry Mweetwa took to Facebook to celebrate.

When Zambians were being terrorised by gassers, Sammy was all over trying to get Political Mileage.

When Seer 1 said that some Ministers were going to die after one week, UPND Members were all over doing the countdown.

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