We shall take internal NDC disciplinary procedures against Joseph Chishala, says National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili.

Kambwili denied instructing the party’s Roan member of parliament Chishala to remain in the house when Justice minister Given Lubinda presented the Constitutional Amendment bill Number 10 of 2019 for second reading.

He said Chishala was among the other members of parliament from the UPND the previous night when they agreed that they would walk out the moment Lubinda presented the bill, adding it was difficult to discipline a parliamentarian on their voting in Parliament but the party would do something about it.

“We will take internal NDC disciplinary procedures. You know it’s difficult to discipline an MP for voting in a particular way. I don’t want to be contemptuous but we are doing something as NDC,” Kambwili said.

He dismissed assertions that he was rejoining PF, and that he had been given contracts together with Chishala by the government, saying he had been squeezed badly by the PF and all his trucks were parked in his yard gathering dust.

Kambwili said there was no truth in the assertions against him flying around social media that he had been granted a contract, saying he had instructed his lawyers to find out the people behind some online platforms so that he could sue them, for publishing what he described as nonsense.

He said if he wanted to join PF he did not even need to go through Chishala, as he could just do it all by himself.

“I have suffered for four years, why should I give in now? Several times I have told you I am not going to PF. He (Chishala) has done it in his own accord…the party will look at the matter in an appropriate way,” said Kambwili.


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