We Shall Amend Our Constitution After August Elections – Garry Nkombo

Mazabuka Lawmaker Hon. Garry Nkombo who still has ambitions of leading the UPND has assured his confidants within the Party that after the August 12th Elections the Party will amend the Constitution and reduce the powers of the Party President because in it’s current form its a “danger” to intra Party Democracy.

Hon. Nkombo is furious with the results of the just ended General Assembly and doesn’t believe the results are geniune because in a normal Election he can’t be beat pants down by Mutale Nalumango and Patrick Mucheleka.

“Colleagues do you honestly believe that the results are geniune? Do you believe that I was beaten pants down by those occupying the top two slots? This is a joke of the century.” Said the Mazabuka Lawmaker.

Mr. Nkombo went on further saying that with regards to the Party Constitution, his collegues ought not to worry because it will be amended right after the Elections.

“In it’s current form our Constitution a danger to Intra-Party Democracy. We can’t allow such to happen. Not under our watch” he charged

Hon. Nkombo feels that he was given less votes at the just ended Elective General Assembly so as to create an impression that he doesn’t enjoy massive support in the Party. He strongly believes the results are not a true reflection on how people voted.

The Mazabuka lawmaker concluded by saying “I am fully aware that the results were cooked in order to wash away the tribalism tag associated with us and I support this move totally but giving me less votes to kill my hopes of challenging for the Presidency in order to make me seem less influencial and powerful in the eyes of the public and my supporters is absurd to say the least. I have arranged for a meeting with Comrade Chipenzi, he needs to explain in my face why he accepted to do such an anomaly.”

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