NDC national youth chairman Charles Kabwita says it is shocking for party secretary general Mwenya Musenge to start masquerading as sole owner of the party when he has never contributed any money to support the party’s activities.
And Kambwita says the NDC Central Committee will soon sit and decide Musenge’s fate, saying the party has had it with his innuendos.

Reacting to Musenge’s insistence that Kambwili still needs to apply for membership to the NDC even after single-handedly helping the party emerge victorious in last week’s Roan Parliamentary by-elections, Kabwita said it was high time Zambians knew the Genesis of NDC.

“In 2017 after PF expelled honourable Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge, we went to honourable Kambwili’s residence in Lusaka and it was decided from there that we form a political party as an alternative. Mr Musenge and I were tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that we register a political party for CK to come and lead as president. And the person who appointed ba [Mr] Musenge as Secretary General was honourable Chishimba Kambwili. This was done in the presence of Mr Christopher Mutale, Mr Lombani Musichili and Frank Chiona. I was on the same day appointed national youth chairman for the National Democratic Congress. And wherever we went, honourable Kambwili gave us money for accommodation, fuel and any other logistics. So it is so shocking for me as a young person who is supposed to be inspired by ba Musenge to keep hearing him spreading lies to the nation, misleading the nation. It’s very unfortunate,” Kabwita said.

“In September, 2017, I even remember the date so well, on 22nd September, 2017, our party was registered and the Registrar of Societies called to invite us to go and collect the certificate. I was with honourable Musichili, honourable Musenge.



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