“It is good he has confessed that he is a magician and sorcerer and not of God”

Zambian Gospel Artist Chisenga Mumbi popularly known as Kings Malembe Malembe says helike many other Zambians met Nigerian Prophet Andrew Ejimadu because he came as a man of God.

Malembe says he is now happy that God had exposed Ejimadu as a wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

Malembe say he will not however, stoop so low to sue Nigerian Prophet Andrew Ejimadu also Known as Seer 1 for alleging that he took some supernatural powers from him as he doesn’t even know where to find the deported magician.

Mr. Mumbi says he is responding to Seer 1’s allegations because the propaganda might dent his reputation.

He has accused Seer 1 of spreading falsehood against the government to de-campaign the ruling party.

Mr. Mumbi further wonders why some media houses’ are giving Seer 1 a platform to ridicule the government because his lies can bring disunity in the country.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo is eagerly waiting for Sunday when Seer 1 will reveal a list of names of people who collected supernatural powers from him.

Seer 1 alleges that the list comprises politicians, business people and musicians.


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