Kafue UPND Member of Parliament Miriam Chonya says she and the electorate have lost nothing by not attending the National Dialogue Forum.

Addressing the media at her office today, Ms. Chonya said whatever has been discussed during the forum will eventually have to be presented to Parliament for enactment.

She has assured the electorate that nothing has been lost by her not taking part in the process at this stage because whatever is being discussed at the NDF eventually will have to be presented to Parliament for enactment and it is at that point that her input will be required and will be critical as Member of Parliament.

Ms. Chonya said her decision not to participate in the NDF will give her an opportunity to critically look at the recommendations and ascertain whether they are in the best interest of the Zambian people.

Recently, women and youths in Kafue district passed a vote of no confidence in Ms. Chonya saying she has failed to deliver her campaign promises.

Hundreds of women matched to district commissioner’s office with a petition demanding that she resigns within 48 hours as she has allegedly failed to foster development in the district.

Patricia Banda, who read the statement on behalf of the group, cited the withdrawal of her participation from the National Dialogue Forum without consulting them.


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