We are under Siege- Decries Bobi Wine as the Military takes control of his home

Ugandan Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has said that he is under siege after the military raided his home.

In number of tweets, Bobi Wine mentioned that the military jumped over the fence in order to gain access and take control of his home.

“None of these military intruders is talking to us. We are in serious trouble. We are under seige

“We are under siege. The military has jumped over the fence and has now taken control of our home” reads Bobi Wine’s tweets.

The siege at Bobi Wine’s home come hours after he rejected the preliminary results being displayed by the Electoral commission.

Speaking to the press, the Kyadondo East MP claimed victory in the presidential election, objecting early results which gave President Yoweri Museveni an early lead.

“I am very confident that we defeated the dictator by far. I call upon all Ugandans to reject the blackmail. We have certainly won the election and we’ve won it by far. The people of Uganda voted massively for change of leadership from a dictatorship to a democratic government. But Museveni is trying to paint a picture that he is in the lead. What a joke!” said Bobi Wine

Wine went on to allege that media houses have been ordered not report irregularities and that military has been deployed to newsrooms. Adding that the electoral commission has been captured by President Museveni’s regime.

On Friday morning, incumbent President Yoweri Museveni had taken a significant early lead in the presidential race, according to preliminary results released by the electoral commission.

Museveni had garnered 1,536,205 votes (65.02%), while his main rival Bobi Wine, had 647,146 votes (27.39%) from 8,310 polling stations. The country has a total of 34,684 polling stations

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