Exclusive undercover interview By Justine Kumwenda – Chingola local trends 12-02-2020

One of the suspects arrested in connection with the gas attacks that are spreading across the country has revealed that there’s a political hand orchestrating the criminal activity. The suspect identified using his street name as sniper by his peers on the copperbelt says the UPND recruited him and many others around the country through Mr Ngalande of Lusaka. Mr Mwangala Ngalande is currently in police custody and appeared in court this January facing charges of treason and planning to assassinate President Edgar Lungu and other senior government leaders.

Sniper was arrested alongside 10 other suspects on the copperbelt and has pointed out UPND as the main funders of the whole operation. “Ba Ngalande batwebele ati tulingile ukubika ichintinya muchalo pakutila abantu bavunduke bemine ubuteko (Mr Ngalande told us the whole idea is to frighten the nation and put fear in citizens so that they rise against government).” He says they were trained at different locations including a farm said to belong to Mr Hichilema in chibombo.

“Balitulanga ifyakubomfya ama chemical yakufentesha umuntu elyo nemfuti. (We were shown how to use chemicals that make people faint and how to use guns).” the guns were supposed to be delivered by Mr Ngalande as part of the operation soon as the nation rises against the state. A check on records indicates that Mr Ngalande solicited $1.6m to fund his operations of overthrowing the state. This is believed to have been facilitated by the UPND.

Efforts to get a comment from UPND Spokesperson proved futile as his phone went unanswered. We however will continue updating the nation as the truth unfolds


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