Those that lie, often than not, do so in order to achieve a predetermined goal. They either want those that receive information to behave or react in a certain way which pacifies their obsession.

For some time now, Zambia has seen an upsurge of fake news that filters through social media – mostly – fabricated by some elements to achieve a predetermined agenda.

It is thus, no wonder that a number of faceless Facebook pages masquerading as news sites have mushroomed in Zambia, with a sole purpose of manufacturing half-truths and mostly lies against certain people in the country. The victims of such lies, such falsehoods almost have no remedy whatsoever, given that as a country we still have no full capacity to curb those responsible of maligning others.

However, no matter how good a lie or half-truth may sound, to achieve a goal using it only conveys temporal achievements. Lies have short legs.

Recently, lies were peddled by the Zambian Watchdog when this faceless Facebook page published a fabricated payslip indicating some figures – which they claimed were increments which government made for cabinet ministers – and it alleged that it belongs to Minister of Community Development and Social Welfare Honorable Mulenga Kampamba.

When that payslip is analyzed properly, it is clear that it was a fabrication that was predetermined to achieve some objectives, only known by the mercenaries running Watchdog and those that pay them to lie about people day-in day-out.

This faceless news site published an article along with a payslip which it claimed belonged to Hon.Kampamba Mulenga tabulating these figures;
Basic Salary 18,606.85
Special political allowance K4,806.54
Utility Allowance K4, 860.70
Constituency Allowance K3, 645.40
Motor vehicle replacement K32, 715.20
Motor vehicle allowance K19, 451.69
Non-statutory allowance K9, 975.00

According to Watchdog’s manufactured payslip, the figures above produced;

P.A.Y.E K30, 400.41
NAPSA contribution K1, 073.80
Personal Levy K7.50
Overpayment K4, 950.00
Contractual Loan Principal K6, 666.66
Contractual Loan Interest K666.66

However, the Income Tax Band set by the Zambian Revenue Authority are in public domain.

According to ZRA there are four tax bands applicable currently, which the tax authority uses as benchmark to determine how much Pay As You Earn (P.A.Y.E) an individual pays.

These are;

K3, 300.00 and below pays 0% of PAYE
K3, 300.01 to K4, 100.00 pays 25% of PAYE
K4, 100.01 to K6, 200.00 pays 30% of PAYE
K6, 200.01 and above pays 37.5% of PAYE

So according to ZRA, if indeed Hon.Mulenga Kampamba’s salary and ALL other allowance are as reflected by the lies published by Zambian Watchdog, then her deductions will be;

NAPSA contribution K1, 073.80
Statutory Contributions K1, 073.80
Taxable Amount K80, 748.74
Total deductions K28, 785.78
Net income (before credits/loans) K50, 889.16

From the lies published by Zambian Watchdog in their continued business of misleading Zambians, it is clear that what is reflected in the fabricated payslip is not in agreement with what ZRA’s figures are giving us when we compute the amounts on the payslip.

Clearly, this was another cheap lie.

If they are going to lie, let them lie harder and at least use some brains.

It is clear that while Hon. Mulenga Kampamba’s name was used as a scapegoat, the grand objective of Watchdog and its sponsors by publishing those lies is to garner support of their calls against the NDF Bill No.10 which is about to be passed into law, by Parliament.
This is part of their many mechanism to manipulate Zambians to detest the government and the Patriotic Front (PF) party.

It takes very little sense – if a little is all that one has to realize these lies.

Just read this line, published by Watchdog;

“And this is just for one minister, yet the PF in the process of this has introduced deputy ministers. And if the constitutional amendments will be approved, these salaries and allowances will continue until the voting day as parliament won’t be dissolved”

By their nature, these people thrives on lies. They once lied that ZESCO released money to give PF for campaigns in by-elections, to the point of fabricating a fake letter purported to have been writen by the utility company’s MD instructing his finance director to pay the PF Secretary General some huge monies for campaigns. That letter was even produced in Parliament by Garry Nkombo, the UPND Member of Parliament, albeit without shame! Where is the authenticity of that letter?

Lies. Lies and all Lies!





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