I’M no longer interested in being minister; I want to be called ‘Mr President’, says Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kambwili says he will remain PF although things could change in January 2018.

Addressing a consultative National Democratic Congress meeting at the Ndola Swimming Pool on Sunday, Kambwili said he could not reconcile with President Edgar Lungu.

“I have told him (President Lungu) that I’m no longer interested in being minister, I want to be called Mr President,” Kambwili told a cheering crowd.

“Those saying that I’m seeking reconciliation with him, let him leave the presidency then. I’m tired being moved on bad roads. Now I want to be the driver. Me I have a vision, not these ba pompwe (thieves). My vision is to establish a major agricultural sector that will create jobs for the Zambian people.”

He said the leadership of President Lungu had turned the country into “a den of thieves”.

“This leadership has turned this country into a den of thieves. We keep him, give him everything but he keeps stealing from you the people. Some looked like a kwashiorkor patient; looked like a marasmus patient, but look at them today,” Kambwili said.

He said his decision to reveal what was going on in the PF was on on behalf of Zambians.

“Nga tulelanda ukutila ati aba abanensu bang’o, baleiba, niba pompwe! Bambi muleima muleti ‘ba Kambwili balelanda landa fye (when we say our colleagues are thieves, robbers, some of you are standing up saying Mr Kambwili you are hallucinating)’. I’m not speaking for myself. I feel sorry for you the people of Zambia. I have children who can take care of me. You are allowing thieves to steal while you suffer,” Kambwili said while displaying a framed picture of President Lungu, himself, and Mwenya Musenge for people to see the Head of State’s appearance then.

He vowed to remain in PF but in January 2018, “things will change”.

“I’m PF. But this thing (NDC consultancy) seems to be so sweet. I think I’m wasting my time as consultant. In January, you will know better. I don’t hate PF, I hate the rotten leadership of Lungu and his MMD. I have nothing against PF, but its rotten leadership,” said Kambwili.


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