Let’s now dissect it for those who can’t understand Bemba. We did it with “ubuchende bwamwaume tabutoba ng’anda”.

This article is not about defending the indefensible, but about educating the gullible. I have already seen responses by presidential parrots who feel it’s their duty to say the President is always right without discussing the meaning of what the Bemba proverb means.

Thieves have hijacked the true meaning of what our rich Bemba tradition stands for. If you had a minibus and lived to insult your customers day in, day out, who would come to your bus given a choice? Your insults would have chewed the seed, “imbuto”. Your workplace is your source of livelihood that would never survive without your total dedication. So if you chose to steal from it instead of preserving its resource and investing in it, who suffers in the end? Our Bemba proverb goes deeper than the intentions of those whose wish, desperately wanting to take over government, is short of revealing the truth. It’s about you respecting your “ibala” as your source of livelihood and preserving it at all cost. So when you plunder it, as thieves wish you to believe, where will you feed yourself from? Eating “imbuto” goes beyond discussing the basic seeds necessary to sustain future earnings. Please hear this…

A Bemba proverb is deeper than the deepest pool you have ever plunged into. But to the contrary, this proverb was a teaching at women’s “kitchen” parties reminding the women folk that while a man could divide attention between/among women, a woman couldn’t. It was not about defending a man but reminding a woman of the dangers that comes with looking at other men when one is committed.

President Edgar Lungu is only wrong in the eyes of those who have chosen to be misled.



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