National House of Prayer Advisory Board Chairperson Bishop Joshua Banda says there is need for Zambians to use the National Day of Prayer and Fasting to fostering national unity and put the interest of country the first.

Dr. Bishop Banda said it is the responsibility of every Zambian to pray for the nation so that the declaration of the national day of prayer and fasting should strengthen the unity and promote peace and unity in diversity.

The clergy said the day of prayer has bought a new dispensation in the declaration of the nation as a Christian nation because it has become a day that people from all walks of life gather to pray to God.

He emphasized that Zambia is one family that should learn to co-exist and this is the only way true Christian value which will foster unity, love and peace in the country.

Dr .Banda added Zambians have demonstrated its commitment to uphold the Christian love by coming together to seek God.

He stated that with oneness Zambia has renewed its aspirations to remain a united country in diversity and this re affirms that no power would rise and fight against the God of Zambia.

Reverend Bishop Chipasha Musaba, the Copperbelt Presbytery Bishop in his homily, encouraged Zambians to look to God for their strength and guidance.

And Anglican Arch bishop in Central and Southern Africa Father Albert Chama said the country to repent and be reconciled to God as these are key elements to achieving success.

Fr Chama said the nation has chosen to hurt one another through hurt speech and not respected the leaders as the people need to hence there is need for repentance.

He said repentance should be practical as this will give a new start for reconciliation of people in the country and it will consolidate the unity in the country.

This years’ commemoration of the National Day of Prayer, Fasting, Repentance and National Reconciliation was held under the theme “Repentance: Promoting Peace and Reconciliation: Consolidating National Unity in Diversity.”



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