UPNDS Tribal Agenda Is Now At Its Apex. Hichilema`s Insults On Mwinelubemba Are Part Of The Program


Johannesburg, South Africa,28th July 2020 – Today, July 28th 2020 marks exactly one year of my resignation from the UPND to join the ruling Patriotic Front Party. I am glad to immediately state that leaving the UPND stands out as the best political decision I have ever made and is only bettered by my decision to join the PF.

As I commemorate my 1st anniversary with the Patriotic Front, allow me to express my gratitude to the PF leadership and fellow members on the warm welcome and stress-free working environment I continue to enjoy under President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The PF is truly a democratic and progressive party.

My main focus in this address is the degenerating political culture in the UPND led by Mr Hakainde Hichilema. It is quite embarrassing and shameful to wake up and on daily basis be greeted by headlines of insults on traditional leaders and tribal talk by the UPND. It is folly of one to think they can ascend to political power without the blessing of Traditional leaders. Traditional leaders outlast and outweigh political leaders on many fronts. Mr Hichilema`s direct and indirect attacks on His Majesty Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu is in essence a self-imposed curse short of being politically a suicidal move. This belligerent tirade of insults and shadow boxing with the Chitimukulu must be condemned by all well-meaning citizens of this country.

Politics calls for wisdom and Mr Hichilema clearly has none! When the Late President Levy Mwanawasa was faced with challenges by one traditional leader on the Copperbelt province, he did not retaliate or respond to the Chief despite being the head of state. When asked about his silent approach, President Mwanawasa responded that he, like all Zambians, was a subject of traditional leadership and that traditional leaders outlast politicians in tenure. This is what Mr Hichilema needs to learn and understand.

On 6th June 2006, a UPND official in the presence of Mr Hichilema and his leaders made a statement that triggered tribalism and changed the course of Zambia`s politics. Rex Natala said “A Tonga must replace Anderson Mazoka and only a tonga must lead UPND.” Mr Hichilema never and has to date never condemned this tribal statement. This is because it ushered him to the top of UPND and continues to sustain him. The tribal agenda has grown over the last 15 years and has led to the expelling or harassing of most non Tonga members. UPND has to date lost 6 Vice presidents on those grounds.

When I announced my departure from the UPND, all manner of insults and names where showered on me. What stood out most was the misconception that I was Bemba just because my name is ‘Mutale’. What UPND members later came to know rather late and shamefully so, is that I am actually Tonga and my name is ‘Mutaale’. No one needs to be ethnically profiled in our One Zambia One Nation. But this is unfortunately the UPND way. In UPND, Tribe comes first.

The attacks on Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu are part of a long term scheme by the UPND to depose those they deem a threat or stumbling block to the party`s tribal agenda. UPND has set in motion a program to fire all non-Tonga civil servants under the guise of firing PF sympathizers. This scheme extends to dethroning Chiefs as well. This must be condemned in the highest possible terms as it only serves to divide this country and is a recipe for genocide.

In conclusion, I urge all peace loving Zambians including my brothers and sisters in the UPND to reflect on the agenda Mr Hichilema and his associates have for this country. I leave you with these questions.

  1. Since when do we insult our traditional leaders?
  2. What is the reason behind threatening to dethrone Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu?
  3. Why should it be that only a Tonga must lead UPND?
  4. Why is Mr Hichilema silent about tribal pronouncements from his members like Patrick Mucheleka?

One Zambia. One Nation!

Issued By:

Mr Bizwell Mutale
National Mobilization Committee
Patriotic Front

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