Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has warned opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to refrain from using political violence to seek sympathy from the international community but to do so within the confines of the law.

And Hon. Kampyongo has further warned that Police will not tolerate any person, group or organisation behind the ongoing lawlessness in Sesheke regardless of their political affiliation.

Sesheke residents were yesterday brutally attacked by the UPND following their resolve not to be identified with the opposition political party at the time Mr Hichilema and his entourage passed through the central business district.

“Yesterday, Police advised him (Hakainde Hichilema) that President Lungu will be in town and that the Head of State and the PF will be holding public rallies but he went ahead to dare the Police” says the Minister adding that “As though that is not enough, he goes out to tell lies to the world that his life was under threat. If he is seeking for sympathy from the international community, he will certainly have to do that within the confines of the law.”

The Minister was speaking after conducting an assessment on the extent of the damage on goods and property resulting from an attack on marketeers and residents by UPND cadres.

Hon. Kampyongo who is also the ruling PF’s Chairperson for Youths and Security has reminded the UPND that Zambia has only one Head of State who is President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

“If Hichilema opts to continue misconducting himself in the manner he is doing, the law will visit him,” says Hon. Kampyongo.

The Home Affairs Minister has urged the Police to ensure that peace returns to Sesheke in the remaining days and the post election period.

“My appeal to you the Police is that you keep vigil of any unruly behaviors and protect innocent citizens in homes and those doing business,” he said.

Meanwhile the Western Province Police Command has assured government that police officers will work tirelessly to ensure calm is restored before, during and after elections.

A district conflict management committee comprising all political parties and the police had given each political party days to campaign.

However the opposition UPND leader maliciously decided to campaign on days that had been allocated to the ruling PF in order to cause chaos and cry wolf to Zambia and the international community.

Some anti government online publications also alleged that Hon. Kampyongo had instructed the police to bundle the violent UPND leader during his tour of Sesheke street.

However the video of Hon. Kampyongo that the named online publication posted contradicts its story because the Minister is seen advising the UPND to conduct its political activities within the confines of the law.



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