By: Dodi Chisanga

1. UPND Sesheke MP Romeo Kang’ombe serving a two year suspended jail sentence on charges of assault and abduction of Police Officers.

2. 100 families injured in Namwala, Southern Province, for supporting PF in 2016 post election violence. UPND’s Clement Musulwe, 31, also known as Mwanamalumbwe of Maala village, Namwala and Dickson Kashimbula, 36, also of Namwala were arrested.

3. In 2016, ECZ suspended campaigns in Namwala, Southern Province, until July 18, 2016, following severe attacks by UPND.

4. In April 2021, UPND supporters from Mike Mposha and Lilly Mutambo camps clashed during adoption in Lusaka’s Munali Constituency. Youths were injured.

5. UPND Mkushi North Aspiring Candidate Topson Kunda was injured by fellow UPND Aspiring Candidates after he won party primaries in April 2021.

6. UPND Incumbent MP Likolo Ndalamei (Sikongo Constituency) beat up party officials and tore UPND party documents after he came last in their primaries in April 2021.

7. UPND Bweengwa Constituency aspiring candidate Mubambe Muchende was chased and beaten by supporters of incumbent, Kasautu Saiti Michelo in April 2021.

8. HH blocked Presidential motorcade in Mongu and was in court for treason for endangering the life of the Head of State and that of his supporters.

9. On May 4, 2005, the UPND candidate for June 9, 2005 by- election in Mapatizya in Kalomo, Southern Province, Ackson Sejani declared Mapatizya Formula of political violence. GRZ employees injured.

10. Following the death of Deputy Minister Nasim Hamir, a new by-election poll was called for the Chitambo seat in Serenje for 9th August 2009 and the MMD picked Solomon Musonda. Chitambo saw blood bath because of UPND.

11. The Mufumbwe Violence 2010- Mr Hichilema and his National Management Committee adopted Mapatizya Formula. Mufumbwe in North Western Province was a war zone where UPND cadres followed survivors in hospitals to try and finish them off.

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