Edwin Lifwekelo


By Edwin Lifwekelo

*Misinformation and fake news has increased with HH’s desperation for 2021:*

Since he manipulated his way to lead UPND in 2006, HH has been defeated in presidential elections in 2006, 2008, 2011.2015 and 2016 by four different politicians from two different political parties.

As 2021 approaches, HH knows that this will be his last chance before his party retires him, he has thus become extremely desperate to occupy Nkwazi house. Having used all his energies and having put in the best he could in his last five attempts, HH has become so frantic that he has now resorted to throwing in the proverbial “Kitchen Sink” as a last resort for 2021.

Unfortunately that kitchen sink is full of muck and dirty tactics, including; ignoring /under-playing government achievements; fake news about the Zambian Economy; overhyped reports of corruption and anti-Chinese sentiment among others.

*Fake news and distortions propagated with the intention of seizing State power after plunging Zambia into chaos:*

But it is the grime and dirty tactics of trying to stir up violent civil disobedience with the intention of taking advantage and seizing state power that the nation must be particularly wary of.

HH is at the centre of stirring up civil unrest through violent civil disobedience.

*Fake assassination story to stir up anti-Government sentiment and civil strife:*

In Hichilema’s way of doing things, what better way is there to stir up violent civil disobedience and unrest, than to cook up a dramatized story that he was being hunted down in the bush for eight hours by gun wielding ruling party cadres?

What better way to do it than HH himself directing the camera man as they went about at pedestrian pace in “the thick forest”?

All of this drama with no PF cadres, State Police or any other “hunters” was produced in the sick hope that it would stir up violence in one part of the country which would then spread to other areas, and then cause civil strife.

In the “Hichilema manual” ( an upgrade of the “Mapatizya formula”), what better way of sowing seeds of violent discord, than by UPND perpetrators of violence portraying themselves as victims and then fabricating reports of assassination attempts on the UPND leaders life?

Hichilema’s desperation and craftiness must not be underrated. His ways are deviously cunning; His protest over the suspension of Prime TV licence should be viewed in its proper context. He is not protesting as a champion of media freedoms; he is protesting as one who has no qualms about bloodshed as a means to his ascendancy to power.

*HH has dragged the three Church motherbodies wait deep into the mire of compromise:*

The leaders of the Church mother bodies have either been knowingly complicit or downright naïve in the dealings with HH. For the sake of their dignity and integrity, I pray it is the former.

In a statement issued last January by UPND Secretary General Mr Stephen Katuka revealed:

“UPND believe that there is need for political players, Civil Society, business Community, Students, the clergy and all other sectors to pull in one direction against the Patriotic Front Government”.

The leaders of the Church Mother bodies are aware that it is UPND behind all the fake news, distortions, deliberate misrepresentations – why haven’t they condemned these malicious fabrications?

Is it because they are “pulling together in one direction” with HH and the alliance of some political players as the UPND statement suggested?

Because HH sees 2021 as his last bus stop, his desperation has gone Hitler style; always with the intention of plunging the Country into chaos, with the goal of ultimately seizing State power. HH has attempted to dignify his campaign violence of civil disorder by trying to forge a questionable relationship with the Church; using them as useful unmentionables!

This explains HH alliance failed attempt to bring the Church into their scheme through the failed Church led dialogue. The attempts by HH and his so called alliance partners to clothe themselves with the nobility of the Church was part of their bigger scheme to legitimise anarchy, by making Zambia look like a failed state.

The leaders of the three church mother bodies are waist deep in political mire, it is their choice; they can either wade back to the firm ground of objectivity and integrity, or sink further in the partisan shame of Pharisees.

*UPND’s link to a clandestine social media campaign:*

Haven’t you ever wondered why the bulk sources of fake online news and misinformation are slanted in favour of HH and his agenda?

Not so long ago, Facebook reported that, data of about up to 87 million of its members was harvested by a compromised quiz application (app) and then passed on to a disgraced political consultancy called “Cambridge Analytica” –a company alleged to have had dealings with UPND.
Documents uncovered by the Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail show that Cambridge Analytica had boasted of using “unsavoury tactics” in elections in Nigeria, including vote buying and voter suppression, in addition to circulating anti-Islamic videos to stir up voters’ fears.

Closer to home, the same Cambridge Analytica was accused of improperly obtaining personal information on behalf of political clients like UPND.

According to an apparent letter of engagement dated 11 March 2016 from Cambridge Analytica to Hakainde Hichilema, which was allegedly leaked to several media outlets, the firm worked for the UPND in the 2016 election at a rate of $150,000 per month. The letter promised to “deploy certain third-party persuasion techniques” which Cambridge Analytica claimed had been proven hugely successful in past campaigns in Nigeria.

The “certain third party persuasion techniques” was nothing but fake news, distortions and misinformation.

The closer 2021 draws closer, the more desperate HH becomes and the more HH uses these “ third party persuasion techniques” to ignore or play down government achievements, whilst simultaneously propagating fake news and distortions with the intention seizing state power (after plunging Zambia into chaos).

Those that have worked with HH know that he doesn’t really care about Zambia; he only cares about becoming president-by hook or by crook.

To my brother Mr Hakainde Hichilema: Think – what would you have gained if everything is destroyed and we all end up dead?

To my fellow Zambians: Open your eyes- beware!


The Author is Patriotic Front’s founding Secretary General



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