UPND Mbabala MP Ephraim Belemu defects to PF

UPND Mbabala MP Ephraim Belemu defects to PF, asserts that he cannot continue betraying his voters who are eager to move to PF the only party championing development.

… “UPND has more crooks than any other party in Zambia”


Belemu has complained that as a law maker he cannot continue to work under the dictatorial rule of Hakainde Hichilema who expels any UPND officials that lobby for development for their voters.

Belemu has said that HH has personified the single greatest injustice against the Tonga people by advancing tribalism and denying the region effective representation. He has said that he believes working with President Lungu over the next five years whether in PF or even as an opposition MP he Mbabala will never be the same because the head of state has shown that his agenda is development and not rhetoric.

Belemu further revealed that for 10 years he had proposed that the UPND develop a concrete manifesto which will embody a development agenda but HH has resisted. He added that he too like many colleagues left behind in UPND and as Charles Kakoma revealed, regrets staying away from the vote on Bill 10 which was progressive for Zambian youths and women and that it was unfortunate that now HH was promising women’s fb youths the very benefits he denied them by forcing his MPs to walk away from Bill 10.

Belemu says there is a mass exodus taking place int he UPND and many more prominent people will defect because the wind of change is blowing against HH and he will not be able to sustain the tornado. UPND members and more especially Southerners are tired of politics of hatred and division as evidenced by the low voter registration turnout in UPND strongholds.

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