UPND Lawyer Keith Mweemba Ditches Kambwili For Failure To Settle Legal Fee, As HH Refuses To Intervene

CHISHIMBA Kambwili has been abandoned by his lawyers again due to his continued failure to settle their legal fees.

Last February, the NDC leader was ditched by his lawyers Keith Mweemba, Gilbert Phiri and Christopher Mundia in a case he is charged with forgery, uttering a false document and giving false information in relation to the registration of Mwamona Engineering Technical Services.

And today, it came to light that the legal team representing the former Roan Constituency PF member of parliament had ditched him again due to failure to pay the named lawyers. Hakainde Hichilema had initially promised to help Kambwili but has chosen to stay away from the prison-bound Kambwili’s legal problems.

Kambwili is charged with contempt of court for allegedly tampering with evidence at Patents and Companies Registration Agency in relation to the registration of Mwamona Engineering and Technical Services which is a subject matter in an active case before Magistrate Simusamba.

Joseph Akfumba of MAK partners who represented Kambwili told Magistrate Nsunge Chanda and Felix Kaoma that the former’s lawyers Keith Mweemba, Gilbert Phiri and Christopher Mundia backed out on representing the accused last night.

Submitting before magistrate Chanda in the contempt case Akfumba sought an adjournment indicating that he needed to study the matter as Kambwili’s lawyers had withdrawn their legal services on Thursday evening.

“Your honor other lawyers withdrew last night hence we had no option but to look for another Counsel at the eleventh hour,” Akafumba said. “looking at this situation it’s difficult for us to proceed as I will need enough time to go through the documents of this matter, am kindly asking for an adjournement and am kindly asking if the court can avail certain notes in regards to this matter.”

Magistrate Chanda directed that the matter ought to be concluded as she noted that Kambwili was equally tired of appearing before court and adjourned the matter to October 26.

And when Kambwili’s case was called before Magistrate Kaoma Akafumba reiterated his earlier submissions before Magistrate Chanda and requested for an adjournment.

But magistrate Kaoma in his ruling said he was displeased with the conduct of Kambwili’s previous lawyers as their failure to inform him of their decision to withdraw representation was disrespectful to the court.

“The application for an adjournment is granted but I would like to express my disappointment in the conduct of defense counsel for failing to appear before court and state their position. Atleast they should have come to excuse themselves from this matter. Even this morning they (Previous lawyers) would have sent a note or sent a representative,” Magistrate Kaoma said.” This is lack of professional etiquette and courtesy. Had they informed the court in advance we would be upholding our orders otherwise the legal profession will end up like other professions where people will be doing whatever they want.”

Magistrate Kaoma reluctantly adjourned the matter to November 10.

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