UPND Is Fake, In Their Heads They Think That They Have Already Formed Government – Lilian Mutembo

UPND Is Fake, In Their Heads They Think That They Have Already Formed Government – Lilian Mutembo

When Iris Kaingu posted that she was Aspiring it was UPND members who attacked her. Today Iris Kaingu despite having a bad tape on the Internet is the candidate they are adopting and has earned her respect… Whilst UPND members were looking for faults, PF saw that she was a crowd puller.. Today Iris Kaingu is celebrated. It is a known fact that celebrating someone in UPND rarely happens publicly unless one is maybe on payroll and all candidates in various districts are complaining. Just like Hon. Charles Kakoma played his part but immediately he left instead of him being celebrated for his time, insults started all over social media…HAKAINDE HICHILEMA himself thanked him and said sweet goodbye.. What a leader!

The behaviour by some members puts off many Zambians to even join us. Infact at present Zambians have no other option that is why we even have this chance. We are not the People’s favourite party like how Sata made PF attractive. Infact many Zambians have not even made up their mind of who they will vote…

In our Minds as UPND we have already formed government but reality is we are far from it. I used to think PF hated us but no we are our own enemies, infact we create room for us to be hated! The internal fights are beyond words, we even have fellow members reporting each other to the police for the same internal fights. I don’t know what type of humbleness people in UPND look for in members but as we continue fighting those who are assets in the party are being pushed away whilst leadership is just watching. Call it Politics, not it’s not it’s pure *Hatred* and *Jealousy*. Whilst PF is busy campaigning and pumping in Resources in their candidates, we are busy fault finding in Candidates. Go to Iris Kaingu’s page, see if you will See any PF member insult her..

On my page I have blocked over 500 UPND members that were hired guns to insult me each time I post anything. From saying I will never be adopted to calling me Prostitute, you name it I have seen it all on my political page. Call it having a thick skin, all I see is illiteracy and lack of insight of how to win Numbers. The lack of strategy is our biggest failure because we waste time on things that won’t yield results!

Despite me not Meeting *HAKAINDE HICHILEMA*, I tirelessly campaign for him, the party and yet looking at how far I have come from the *party leadership* itself would have even encouraged a meeting between me and HH including other new candidates in the party. Today many people have joined the party and are even aspiring because of how I have sold the party on media despite the internal battles I face.

I don’t need any advice of how to handle anything, it is actually many UPND members who owe me an apology for severally disrespecting me, my children and my family. I have never been insulted by even the ruling party despite me being a loud speaker about the affairs of the Zambian Government. I have rebuked them for many failures. Infact the moment I declared my aspirations it was UPND members even till date who have an issue of me having lived in the UK. I have my reasons why I stayed there unless you can offer me a job that pays me as much as I would earn in the UK I would have moved long ago.

My mission in Zambia has been to fight the common enemy PF, I am not here to take your favourite ”Candidate’s job” but I am just here to help win as many numbers to UPND. Many have tried to lie to top leadership in the party about me even stating things that I have never said. When I bump into those officials at the Secretariat they even fear to speak to me but once we speak they are shocked…They have had a very wrong perception about me. This kind of Politics of lying is witchcraft & those behind my character assassination won’t achieve anything…

Many people are watching and many even call on Radio each time I go for interviews complaining by saying ”Madam you are doing well but you are in the wrong chipani, you are working with people who only know fighting and will never appreciate you”…. If I have insulted any official or person in the party let them come forth and testify! I am ready for their allegation. There is none, that much I know because I have respected everyone…. If this is the special UPND welcome, I now understand why many do not survive in the party. Some of you are killing the party with your attitude towards salable candidates. Many become a candidate’s enemy if they have failed them, failed to be their cash cow and the highest bidder wins their heart. Apologies to you that expected me to dance to your tune, I will never fold my tail in the name of humility to win you over, I call a spade a spade!

My fight is not for UPND Leadership but the people of Zambia who are suffering. Who have no proper health facilities, proper schools, no employment opportunities like I have enjoyed in Britain… If not the people of Zambia, I would not even be here to waste my precious time arguining with some people whose reasoning resonates of being party Bullies. This is where my motivation lies, otherwise the party to me is very much in *isolation* where Candidates are living in guess work, they are doing what they can to sell the party but some members do not appreciate them and there is no motivation. Instead some members expect to be worshipped because *’our adoption lays in their hands’* No you are not God, if God has said one will liberate Zambians then it will come to pass even if they are deprived of an opportunity.

Are we really ready for change internally as a party? Or are we just doing politics for our own sake and to show PF that we are winning? Many leaders in the party mean well and so does Hakainde Hichilema but if our hearts are not pure God will deny us this opportunity to form government. Let us live in harmony with everyone we don’t know our tomorrow, this is politics as many say, we don’t know what will happen on the very day of voting… Go to the people and convince them why they should vote for UPND but as it is, we are being known for fights especially on social media. Even on Radio let’s have only specific people that continously go and sell our party. We only have 134 days and our major campaigns have not even started and still we are not guaranteed victory. PF is busy campaigning in rural areas despite Covid-19 restrictions.This fight we need everyone so no one is an useful.

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