UPND has started violence in Mitete ahead of the 13th February 2020 local government by-election.

This afternoon UPND cadres led by their campaign managers attacked a PF camp and damaged one of the campaign vehicles belonging to the ruling Party.

UPND leaders in Mitete include Hon. Mutelo, Mr. Liuwa and Mr. Kapaku all of them are from Lukulu District.

Alongside the Chilubi by-election, ECZ will on the same date conduct three Local Government ward by-elections in Nachikungu, Kakwacha and Kaonde wards in Kalomo, Mitete, and Mongu respectively.

Earlier in the week, Judge Martin Musaluke directed the Electoral Commission of Zambia to invoke its powers and ban political parties that engage in electoral violence during election campaigns.

He said time had come to denounce all forms of violence in the country because elections is the only way citizens can participate in national affairs.

“The ECZ has powers to punish all perpetrators of violence. A copy of the judgement will be sent to the commission for action,” Judge Musaluke said.

Photo: File photo, does not depict topical incident.


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