With only a day to go before the people of Chilubi go to the polls to elect a new member of parliament to replace late Rosaria Fundanga, the opposition UPND and NDC are seeking the cancellation of the election citing many injustices in the campaigns.

The UPND and the NDC have filed a matter in the High Court seeking among other reliefs, an order that Chilubi by election be postponed to 20th February 2020 to allow for a level playing field for all political players, to address numerous electoral malpractices.

They are also seeking to compel the National Broadcaster ZNBC to allow for equal coverage of all political players and compel police to apply the law equitably to all political parties.

While UPND and NDC are seeking the above reliefs , the two political parties have urged their campaign teams to continue campaigning even under the circumstances.

This is according to a statement issued by UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka.

Meanwhile, latest reports indicate that the UPND Camp was last evening attacked in Ndela Ward in Chilubi Mainland.

In the attack, the PF also claim was targeted at their camp by the UPND, two UPND members were bruised leaving them with cuts in the head.

According to reports, UPND Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka is safe and not bad, however the two members were injured with one very badly hurt and in hospital with one of the UPND vehicles badly damaged.

Information released by the UPND media team indicate that their members were returning to camp from their last campaign tour and few meters away from a mounted police roadblock the PF ambushed them and attacked them in full view of the police who did not do anything.

They said so far almost all the vehicle in the campaigns in the mainland have been damaged by PF attacks while the bicycles.


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