UNZA Management Feels Unfairly Discredited By Higher Education Minister


By Chileshe Mwango/Balewa Zyuulu

University Of Zambia-UNZA- vice Chancellor Professor Luke Mumba says the university management feels unfairly discredited when described as poorly managed in comparison to private universities especially that it is operating as an insolvent institution as declared by external auditors.

In interview with Phoenix News, Professor Mumba explains that by describing unza as being poorly managed, Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo is damaging the image of the institution further advising Professor Luo to consult the university council as opposed to saying she is not interested in the affairs of lecturers at the institution.

He explains that unlike the private universities, UNZA is the only institution of higher learning with investment in expensive programmes such as school of mines and agriculture among others.

Meanwhile Professor Mumba says the funding to the highest institution of learning in the country remains insufficient and that his management has to struggles to ensure that it meets it obligations to lecturers.

Professor Mumba has indicated that UNZA receives a monthly sixteen million kwacha from government for emoluments out of the forty two million kwacha needed.

Recently Professor Luo said private Universities were operating better than public universities and that she was not interested in the affairs of the lecturers at the university owing to what she said is their bad behaviours.

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