Kaizer Zulu


By KT admin

During one of President Edgar Lungu’s trip outside Zambia, his Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu had been left out on the final manifest of those travelling with the Head of State. The manifest was accessible by necessary staff officials at State House.

News that KZ was left out thrilled some people. Just before the President could fly with the Chopper to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport –KKIA, KZ was told that he was going to be part of the delegates of President Lungu’s journey.

Many people missed it, and did not even notice that KZ was also travelling.

When President Lungu was busy where he had gone, a well-known PF senior party and government official telephoned and told the Head of State that KZ was in a club in Zambia misbehaving and embarrassing the party.

President Lungu asked the said official if indeed he was sure and was able to see KZ at which the answered in affirmative. The President promised to “deal” with KZ once he returned and cut the phone. However, while President Lungu promised to deal with KZ, the man was actually assigned to handle some issues with some government officials at the same event where the President was and true, he was locked up in some conference room representing Zambia on national matters

While KZ was having some fun time – just like anyone else does – a group of trouble makers noticed him and begun taking photos of him. While their intention cannot be determined, their actions where however against the privacy of Kaizer Zulu. When he noticed being captured on phone, he asked one of his ‘boys’ to inquire why the ‘trouble-makers’ where capturing photos and videos of someone without permission.

The trouble makers realized they had done something that could cause them trouble and hastily decided to cause havoc, with a predetermined agenda of causing confusion in order to attract attention. KZ politely asked the trouble makers to delete the videos and photos they were taking of him but they refused. They actually promised to circulate the said material on social media.
At this point, a citizen arrest of the trouble makers was effected by those who felt KZ’s privacy was infringed on. They confiscated that phones of the boys and took them to a police station, so that the issue could be resolved there. But since this is Kaizer Zulu, President Lungu’s Political Advisor, a lie was crafted and circulated that he had deflated tyres of some people and had the entire place locked down.
The truth is opposite.
Many stories are told about the “animal” Kaizer Zulu is. In real sense, President Lungu’s Political adviser is not the person he has been painted. What seems to be the issue which necceciates the propaganda thrown against Kaizer Zulu is his ability to do his job perfectly well than those working for the rivals of his boss President Lungu.
It is not a secret that KZ is a thorn in the eyes of many of those seeking the office of the President. The growing accusations against KZ must be seen from what they are; lies meant to disfranchise the strength that President Lungu has.
If KZ is evil as we are told – he is the necessary evil in PF and the rivals of the ruling party know it. Consequently, they want him fired!


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