The woman at the centre of burning the husband and killing her 9 year step daughter has denied being responsible for the death.

Speaking in Chisamba to Precious Mambwe in an interview , she expressed surprise that people had believed the story that a child can disappear in December, 2016 without the knowledge of her father.

She disclosed that on 7th December, 2016, she was at home with her step child Musola Chansa when her husband Bernard Chansa arrived in a drunken state whom she described as violent. He then proceeded to beat her on allegations of infidelity. He got hold of a brazier and attempted to hit me with It.

He missed and accidentally hit the child on the forehead causing a gush of blood . That is when my husband panicked and upon establishing that she was dead, he burried her in the backyard.

She accused her husband of having become paranoid after the incidence. He threatened to kill me if I disclosed the truth to the police. I have never disclosed this to anyone except my mother when I visited her sometime in March, 2017.

However, Lately, my husband found a girlfriend in Siavonga and it had caused havoc in our lives. He threatened to leave me for her.

So on the night in question, i threatened him that I will disclose the truth to the police and that is when he attacked me with a knife. I run to the kitchen and he shouted that I was going to die.

That is when I grabbed the pot on the stove and poured the hot water on him. Otherwise, he could have killed me. She appealed to people to wait for husband to recover before judging her. The Sun



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