… Luapula has beautiful tourists attraction sites which will be promoted worldwide

THE TOURISM industry in Luapula Province is set to create thousands of jobs in 2018 with extensive promotion, Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa has said.

Mr. Chilangwa said since tourism was a labour intensive industry its promotion would immediately result in many jobs for the local people.

“As you know tourism is a labour intensive industry; its promotion would need enough tour guides, drivers, chefs, housekeepers and many more at various facilities to be set up across the Province. We are talking about our beautiful sand beaches, on the shores Lakes Bangweulu, Mweru and Mweru Wantipa, the Lumangwe, Ntumbacushi, Mambilima, Mumbotuta, Chipolopolo, the Kilwa Caves and many more,” Mr. Chilangwa explained.

Mr. Chilangwa who is also PF Luapula Province Chairperson stated that this year the Provincial administration would heavily advertise different sites that were not known to the outside world.

He said it was unacceptable that the available tourists sites in the Province continued to be underutilised when they could offer jobs.

He explained that following the Luapula Expo and Investment Conference, Luapula had all the visibility it needed for everyone to see.



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