UPND Mbabala Constituency Member of Parliament Honourable Ephraim Belemu has withdrawn himself from UPND Party and by virtue of the said decision he has also withdrawn himself from everyother position he held in the party including that in the national assembly of Zambia as member of parliament for mbabala Constituency.

He said what made him arrive at this decision is the UPND’s tribal bigotry or intolerance towards other tribes in the party. Honourable Belemu revealed that last week Luvales, Kaondes and Lozis in his Constituency were harassed and attacked not by the PF but the party he was serving the UPND for merely working with him as their elected UPND member of Parliament.

Honourable Belemu accused the UPND of turning into a monster that eats its own loyal babies and to justify its gluttonous acts, it accuses it’s loyal babies of smelling like goats.

The Mbabala Member of Parliament said the tipping point was when the harassments and attacks from the UPND were extended to his family and innocent members of his Constituency and the question he was asked by his daughter was “who then are your political opponents?”

Further, Honourable Belemu disclosed that the UPND have attracted more crooked applicants this time around since the party’s formation and according to simple probability – the UPND have the highest chances of adopting crooks than any other political party in the Country.

“If we removed all political party presidents and their potential running mates and pick the first 200 members of the parties in order of seniority, [the upnd has amassed more dishonest people than other political party and because of that they think the solution is to cannibalize loyal members] – simple probability tells us that any given time the upnd has a higher chance of picking a crook than any other party,” he said.

Honourable Belemu expressed disappointments that he was backstabbed by his own brothers in the UPND who left him for politically dead only to be picked by the PF a party he fought both in parliament and outside. In repaying the PF for their good deeds the Mbabala lawmaker has since commited himself to working with the PF.

According to Honourable Belemu, there is a notion in the UPND that they are forming Government on 12th August and people in the party have already started fighting for the offals of a Buffalo they have not yet hunted. He said he has now committed himself to going hunting with the PF as opposed to fighting for offals of an imaginary Buffalo in the UPND.

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