THROWBACK: Govt challenges HH over RAMCOZ

By editor- June 10, 201051

Government has challenged United Party for National Development UPND president Haikainde Hichilema to explain what happened to the hundreds of millions of dollars that went missing when he engineered the privatization of RAMCOZ and other parastatals.

Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha in an interview with QFM said Mr Hichilema should not try to come out clean on the sale of RAMCOZ but explain the criteria and procedures used to sell off the mine which subsequently resulted in the suffering of the ex-workers of the company.

He said Government has all the information with regards the manner in which Mr Hichilema handled the privatization of parastatals.

Leutenant General Shikapwasha expressed shock that the UPND leader is now condemning and attacking Government on what he described as a well calculated move to the sell Zamtel.

He said Mr Hichilema should not mislead the Zambian people on Government’s decision to sale Zamtel because it is in the interest of the nation.

And General Shikapwasha has dared Mr Hichilema to tell the Zambian people how he acquired the house that he is currently leaving in situated in Kabulonga residential area.


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