THE increasing number of girls engaging in prostitution in Zambia is a time bomb which authorities should not ignore, says a concerned Lusaka citizen Charity Chuma.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Ms Chuma, of Northmead residential area noted that most of the girls were pushed into prostitution by the poverty of their guardians.
She said the young prostitutes were mostly found loitering around shopping malls in the area during late hours with prospects of finding clients.

“Just yesterday in the evening I saw a young girl standing near Northmead bus station in a short dress and when I asked her why she was standing in the cold and skimpily dressed, her response was that she was trying to make a living through prostitution because she can’t find a job,” she said.

Another concerned citizen, Elias Zulu said although police conducted night patrols, they should target night clubs where teenagers patronised. Mr Zulu also advised parents to monitor the movements of their children so that they grow up as responsible citizens.
“Parents should monitor their children’s movements because it gives them an insight of their behavioural changes in general,” said Mr. Zulu.

He said that Kabwata Township was amongst the highest in terms of prostitution where other illicit activities such as alcohol and drug abuse took place.




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