One of the reasons Kagame has said NO to retrogressive western engineered multiparty democracy is that it tends to retard development. In the absence of a mature opposition, you start to discuss Valden Findlay instead of hunger in Gwembe District.

Today in Zambia, it’s rare to find an opposition leader discussing solutions to the issues people are faced with. Instead, they all discuss perceived Edgar Lungu’s failures but one wonders just how derailing his economic development programs can ever help an ordinary child in rural Zambia.

One equally wonders why a progressive opposition leader would be opposed to the Edgar Lungu initiative of universal health coverage anchored on easy access to primary healthcare or would shoot down an enhanced Bill of Rights which would have offered an ordinary child in rural Zambia legal rights to sue government for failure to respect various human rights.

What we need is a governance system that will prioritise economic development over the current political system that focuses on how one can best remove a sitting Head of State for personal gains. Why have UPND MPs chosen to represent Mr. Hichilema in Parliament instead of the electorates who took them there? Why was Harry Kalaba not talking when he was PF?

Western democracy DOES work but it has achieved very little in terms of economic development in Africa. It has, instead, perfectly been a tool by the West to cause inefficient governments, disastrous power transitions and social chaos much to their advantage as they continue to steal our natural resources.

What is the purpose of democracy if it only serves a select few? All patriotic Zambians ought to support our call for a national symposium on an alternative governance system for Zambia that must seek to promote national unity and a people sharing a common development goal.

Mpandashalo Evans Mwewa
WhatsApp: +260 977 430702

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