Terry Kang’ansa and Annie Chisenga are jointly charged with assisting a prohibited immigrant, Jacques’ Baraka, a Burundees to enter the country.The accused are appearing before senior resident magistrate Greenwell Malumani.

A Mrs Lungu, who is a staff at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, testified that Kang’ansa told her that Chisenga worked with the first lady and Baraka was her guest.

“While processing Baraka’s papers, there was a warning flash; an indication that he was a prohibited immigrant. I informed the three but Mr Terry Kang’ansa walked away. Before that he said, ‘how is he a deportee because he is a guest of the first lady? Can’t he be allowed?” she testified. “But he became jittery and walked away.”

Lungu said Chisenga was composed and remained behind while Kang’ansa left.

She also said Chisenga said Baraka had a family in Zambia and pleaded with her to allow him.

“Then I said ‘yes, even if the family is here, he is a deportee’,” Lungu narrated.

She said Chisenga further pleaded to be assisted.

“Mrs Matafwali (Annie Chisenga) said ‘my sister, how can we be assisted’? And I told her ‘sorry, I have absolutely no authority to allow a deportee entry into this country’. Then she said ‘in this case, what do we do since his family is here?’ Then I told her to go to immigration headquarters and seek guidance,” Lungu narrated.

She further said Chisenga left for immigration as advised but requested that Baraka be kept until she was back.

“But immediately they left, we made arrangements for the deportee to go and he left the same day for Burundi, ” Lungu said.

Another witness, an immigration assistant Mwiya Mwanamwalye, 21, said on October 6, last year, he had just finished clearing Zambians when two men approached him.

Mwanamwalye said one of them needed to be cleared and when he finished processing his documents, the system warned him to be careful with the person he was dealing with.

He said the person he was clearing when the system gave a warning was Baraka.

The officer said he did not do any further processing, adding that the supervisor took over.

The witness said Kang’ansa introduced himself as a police officer from State House.


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