Amos Chanda

State House spokesperson Amos Chanda has called for a public and judge-led inquiry into the privatization of companies where an opposition politician has been named.

He has however confirmed that President Lungu was a negotiating Chairman in the privatization of Keembe storage unlike others who sold the companies to friends or relatives.

Mr Chanda says President Lungu did not sale the Keembe storage to himself, or relatives and friends.

Meanwhile, President Lungu is Wednesday expected to travel to Congo Brazilive for an Emergency summit on matters of the Elections in DRC.

Mr Chanda said that the President is hopeful that security will be provided to all candidates and citizens ahead of the elections on the 30th of December.

He said President Lungu who is chairperson of the SADC Organ of Defense and politics is concerned with the current happenings in the DRC .

Mr Chanda said the President desires to see a peaceful electoral process which will lead to credible results .



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