Kitwe District Commissioner Mr Binwel Mpundu has challenged the young people in the nation to take the fight for empowerment very seriously.

He stated that the government of His Excellency President Lungu had levelled the playing feild and made it possible for the youth in the nation to compete favourable and excel at whatever level they desired to engange.

” The playing feild is levelled. The President has demonstrated his desire to see young people archieve to their hearts content. Its up to the young people themselves to stop being afraid and reach for which ever heights they desire to attain. ” He said.

He stated that poverty was a terrible thing and that everyone had the responsibility to break away from the chains of poverty. He emphasised that the evil vices such as prostitution and stealing were a direct result of poverty.

“I challenge you fellow young people to stand up and be counted. You have what it takes to succeed . Yes not everyone will have big jobs. Certainly not at the same time. But use the opportunities open in the nation right now and make a difference , an impact in your own lives and the lives of the community around you. ” he said.

He discouraged the culture of pulling each other down.

” You do not have to pull someone down to get ahead. Identify were your strength is and excel there and allow others to excel were they are good also. ” he said.


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